...You Paint That Shit Gold!

When i was a kid, i made a conscious decision to follow a career in music rather than visual art. It was based mainly on the communal nature of music. Frankly, the visual arts seemed a far too solitary pursuit for a rambunctious 14 year old seeking any kind of interaction with others. With a little work and a ton of luck i've been able to spend most of my adult life as a musician, making records and touring the world in the rock band Marcy Playground. Having returned to drawing and painting only recently, i now relish in the solitary nature of putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas and recording beauty as i see it. My relationship to this work is quite simple; i don't ask myself why, i don't try to move mountains. These are my personal mountains. They are meditation's on what i find beautiful.

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dy/@n keefe

(when life hands you lemons...)

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